Magento Ecommerce Software - Magento is an Open Source Ecommerce Platform Solutions

Magento ecommerce is: 

✔an open source software package based on best practices in online sales,

✔a cloud-based digital commerce platform & 

✔an omnichanel solution

The advantages of open source meets the quality of customisation

Magento, an open source software package, boasts of an active community of 100,000 users, developers and partners who work together to ensure the continuous development of the platform. The package is open, which makes it extremely flexible to use. Eperium uses the professional version of the platform: Magento Enterprise. This allows us to offer exclusive functionalities, services and top quality is guaranteed.

Flexible and affordable

The Magento e-commerce platform combines the flexibility of open source technology with a broad range of state-of-the-art functionalities. Magento’s intuitive management system features impressive marketing, SEO and catalogue maintenance capabilities.

More about Magento

The advantages of Magento include:

  •  Extreme flexibility thanks to open source technology 
  •  Professional and affordable webshop and platform 
  •  Extensive and innovative functionalities 
  •  Management of multiple webshops with one administration system