Informatica PIM - Informatica Data Integration Software

Informatica PIM 7 Offers Product Information Management. Informatica data integration software and service solutions effectively manage the volume, variety & complexity of Big Data.

Data separation 

One of the strengths of Informatica is data separation: the imported products are saved separately and are transferred to the source database after validation, which happens automatically as much as possible. In exceptional circumstances, you can use workflows to make corrections and ensure the optimisation of your product data.

Your products can be enhanced once they are imported. You can categorise them, enter missing data fields or create a specific product range. Informatica PIM gives you the freedom to rank your products per channel, type or language.

The final step 

Once the ranges have been set, the final step is to define your exports. This is done using the same method as defining your imports and requires little technical expertise. This ensure that each channel and each client receives the requested data in the right format and frequency.

PIM plays a central role in your IT environment, which creates new opportunities, for instance for selling your long tail products. Long tail products are not in stock or in your ERP, but are successfully sold nonetheless. They can be found exclusively in the PIM/webshop domain and are only transferred to your ERP once they are sold.

More About Informatica

Successful e-commerce and multichannel commerce is not possible without perfect product data

Informatica PIM 7 is a tried and tested tool that can be used to quickly and easily process your products, from several thousand to several million.

A central platform for Product Information Management (PIM) can result in:

  •  More orders thanks to better e-commerce conversion rates (22% increase) 
  •  Higher profits and higher margins for long tail strategy (44% increase) 
  •  Improved customer retention and brand loyalty (by 15%) 
  •  Faster time to market (10 times faster) thanks to faster import of new suppliers 
  •  Informatica PIM helps retailers, manufacturers and distributers optimise their product management by providing a central database for all communication channels and languages.