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IBM is a Smarter Ecommerce Approach. You can get all channel experience with IBM Smarter Ecommerce. Eperium India provides Smarter eCommerce consulting services empowered with social and mobile technology.

Introducing the IBM Smarter Commerce™ approach 

The IBM Smarter Commerce approach puts customers at the center of the commerce cycle. It provides companies tools to leverage critical customer and operational data-including intent, behaviors, social media sentiment, and supply and demand volatilities-to help unify the traditionally siled buy, market, sell and service cycle. By organizing business operations around the customer, companies can deliver a personalized, highly relevant and seamless experiences across channels that can lead to greater customer loyalty. By gaining the ability to more easily integrate their commerce processes, companies can better capitalize on opportunities for profitable growth, improved efficiency and Increased customer loyalty.


It's the age of the chief executive customer, where moments matter. Empowered with social and mobile technology-along with an ever-expanding array of choices-we now have a more knowledgeable, and more-demanding customers. This means that virtually every touchpoint needs to be meaningful and personalized. Asking for every single touch point and transaction to be a positive, personalized one is a high bar to achieve, yet that is exactly what many customers expect from the companies they do business with. Because lack of this leads to dissatisfaction and defection, your competitors are rising to and meeting demands in case you drop the ball. The stakes are incredibly high.

More About IBM

Companies that use data to profoundly understand their customers and cater to them with unique interactions are often the most successful. This data-driven approach helps businesses to learn continuously, meet and even exceed customer expectations. The most sophisticated organizations synchronize their value chain to drive innovation around the needs and wishes of their valuable customers.